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[June 15, 2011] ATLANTA – Professionals frustrated with the fluff and hyperbole in much of today’s media now have a scholarly news source guaranteed to provide only facts vetted by their peers.

is the new daily news service reported entirely from coverage of peer-reviewed and scholarly sources in economics, finance, business, industry, government, education, biotech, healthcare, medicine, agriculture, chemistry, math, engineering, computers, and many other sciences and technologies.

“In creating we were looking for an all-new concept—something that has never been done,” said Susan Hasty, publisher,   Find full details at ScholarlyNews.com.

Available at online content providers, presents comprehensive and timely coverage from peer-reviewed and scholarly sources in a compact form, with absolutely no press releases or newswire copy. This exclusive content is available from , which for more than a quarter-century has been providing information for research professionals.

In creating editors have excluded the content from blogs, tweets, press releases, and newswires. The result is news only from authoritative, peer-reviewed and scholarly sources. Each article contains full source contact information, full journal citations, keywords or MeSH codes, and quotations from the authors of the original research.

Although has “scholarly” depth, all news articles are delivered with brevity, clarity, and timeliness. The typical article is 500 words or less, written so readers can quickly glean the essential facts. Each report has been searched out by a highly skilled editorial team intent on delivering the latest about cutting-edge studies in academia, business, and global institutions without the distracting clutter of press releases and vague opinions.

The lean nature of the articles is essential because topic for topic, field for field, company for company, provides wider and deeper coverage than can be accessed anywhere else. “Even for the most specialized of niche subjects, you won’t find just one article on what’s important, you’ll find dozens, daily,” Hasty said.

In a peer review, independent experts evaluate the validity of research, making a judgment on the credibility of results and the appropriateness of the design and methodology of any underlying experiments or studies. The peer review process means that the statements made by scientists, social scientists, and technologists are critically and qualitatively different from statements made in ordinary news stories. Peer review ensures that news is much more than just another opinion. All news at originates from peer-reviewed and scholarly sources.

can be found at online content providers and aggregators, and more information is at ScholarlyNews.com, including sample news feeds.

is available from , a 26-year-old Atlanta-based publisher of 190 news weeklies for professionals in most scientific and technical fields. has won an eHealthcare Leadership Award for each of the past six years.